Flexor Tenotomy: A Quick Fix For A Hammertoe

A hammertoe can develop when the tendon on the underside of the toe (flexor tendon) tightens, resulting in contracture of the toe. A flexor tenotomy is a simple, low-risk procedure that can correct a hammertoe deformity. It can be performed in the office without the need for an incision.

The affected toe is injected with anesthesia. Once numb, a small needle is introduced to the underside of the toe at the location of the flexor tendon. The needle is then used to sever the tendon, relieving the contracture and straightening out the toe. A soft splint is then applied and kept intact for at least a week to allow the toe to heal in a straight position.

Patients are allowed to weight bear in their own sandals or in a surgical sandal we can provide. Dressings are then removed about a week later. By then, patients have typically healed from the procedure and are able to return to their normal shoe gear. There is typically minimal pain associated with this procedure, allowing patients to quickly return to their normal activities.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a flexor tenotomy or if you have any questions about this procedure please call our office today!

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