Sports Therapy for Foot & Ankle Recovery in Mission Viejo, CA

At Aloha Foot & Ankle We Offer Sports Therapy for Foot & Ankle in Mission Viejo, CA. If You Have a Sports Injury to Your Foot or Ankle Trust Our Expert Podiatrists to Help You Recover Quickly & Efficiently so You Can Get Back on Your Feet and Playing the Sports You Love. Call (949) 541-582 or Book an Appointment Online.

Sports Therapy for Foot & Ankle Recovery in Mission Viejo, CA

When it comes to your feet and ankles, you need to make sure they are strong enough to support your body through all of your daily activities. From running or standing to work and leisure events, the health and strength of your lower extremities are essential. At Aloha Foot & Ankle Associates, we provide sports therapy solutions that are vital for not only healing from injury but preventing future injury recurrence. People who sprain their ankle have a 70% chance of reinjuring the same joint, but appropriate strengthening and rehabilitation can lower your chances of spraining your ankle again.

When can I start ankle strengthening exercises following an injury?

This will depend on your unique body as well as the extent of your original injury. An experienced podiatrist can provide you with personalized insight that will help you improve the way your body functions, so you can enjoy the benefits of better mobility and strength. You never want to begin an at-home therapeutic regimen without first consulting a doctor to make sure the methods you implement are appropriate and your injury is healed enough to accommodate the necessary exercises. Once your podiatrist has deemed you healthy enough, they may recommend specific exercises designed precisely to address your body’s needs. If you have hurt yourself, you should seek the help and professional opinion of an experienced doctor who will work with your body to improve your natural alignment and function.

How can I protect my ankles from injury?

Keeping yourself healthy in the first place is always easier than addressing an injury after the fact. For people with an active lifestyle, warming up your feet and ankles before running or participating in team sports is essential. Unfortunately, this is an often-overlooked part of the body during stretching exercises, but taking the time to perform ankle circles and stretching through the tops and arches of your feet can save you a lot of time and pain in the future. Similarly, wearing shoes that are appropriate for whatever activities you have planned will help keep you protected from injury. Avoiding high heel shoes can also help ensure you circumvent a sprained ankle, as they are one of the primary causes of ankle injury in those who wear them. If you have previously sprained your ankle, wrapping it or otherwise providing stability can keep it safe from future injury.

What are some effective foot exercises?

Developing better articulation through the joints and muscles of your feet can help you improve your gait and support your natural anatomy. Working through the entire foot with simple exercises, even as you are sitting at your desk, can make a vast improvement in the function of your feet and toes. Toe curls, splaying your toes thoughtfully, toe extension, walking on sand, and rolling a tennis or golf ball under your foot can help to soothe pain and strengthen the small muscles of your feet. A podiatrist at Aloha Foot & Ankle Associates can help you develop a strengthening regimen that will allow you to improve the overall function of your feet. By improving your mobility and strength, you can help prevent injury before it happens.

If you have injured your foot or ankle and are seeking an experienced podiatrist in the Mission Viejo area, contact Aloha Foot & Ankle Associates to schedule a sports therapy consultation. We can help you heal from injury and work to prevent future recurrence with an effective and targeted rehabilitation program designed just for you.

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