Prolotherapy for Foot Pain in Mission Viejo, CA

Looking for a Non-Surgical Treatment to Relieve Your Foot or Joint Pain? Look No Further! We Offer a Wide Range of Non-Surgical Treatments Including Prolotherapy. Please Call Us at (949) 541-5827 to Book an Appointment.

Prolotherapy for Foot Pain in Mission Viejo, CA

Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine which includes the use of many different injectable products has become a valid alternative to surgery for the treatment of many soft tissue and joint pathologies.” Depending on the circumstances of your foot or ankle problem, your doctor may recommend Prolotherapy (utilizing dextrose injection, for example) or the use of Amniotic Membrane or filler.

Prolotherapy’s popularity as a treatment for chronic pain has intensified over the past two decades among both physicians and patients as clinical and anecdotal observations has proved in many cases its reliance as a non-surgical option for joint and back pain.

Irritant solutions most often contain dextrose (d-glucose), a natural form of glucose normally found in the body, but may also contain combinations of polidocanol, manganese, zinc, human growth hormone, pumice, ozone, glycerin, or phenol.

In severe cases, autologous cellular solutions may also be needed, such as bone marrow, or adipose tissue.

Prolotherapy is a great alternative to cortisone injections, which long-term studies have shown can actually weaken tissue. Whether a joint, ligament or tendon is causing you pain or limited movement, Prolotherapy might be the right choice for you.

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