Bunion Treatment in Mission Viejo, CA

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Bunion Treatment in Mission Viejo, CA

In the front of the foot, the joint at the base of the great toe is the most complex. Here, the bones, tendons and ligaments work together to transmit and distribute the body’s weight, especially during movement. Should this joint become abnormally stressed over an extended period of time, a bunion deformity may result. At Aloha Foot & Ankle our bunion dr. can help, we offer comprehensive bunion treatment in Mission Viejo, CA

Do You Have a Bunion?

Many individuals have asked me, somewhat rhetorically “do I have a bunion?” Maybe you do, and maybe you have more than just a bunion.

A bunion is technically a bump, and this term is frequently used to describe a bump on either the big toe side or the little toe side of the foot.

Bunions are not always problematic and do not always require treatment by a trained professional. Sometimes altering the type of shoe that you wear can accommodate the bump and fast forward you to comfortable function and activity. If this works for you, it may be all you need to do, at least for a while.

A trained professional, however, will take a closer look at your foot type, and may recommend a supportive over the counter or custom insole to control excessive motion while walking, standing and running, if this motion is either causing or accelerating the development of the bunion.

Other individuals, however, may have more going on, and that is when your big toe is moving toward the second toe and creating what we surgeons call hallux valgus. The hallux is fancy-talk for big-toe, and the term “valgus”, which is the opposite of “varus”, is the lateral angulation toward the smaller toes.

If the bone just behind the hallux, the “1st Metatarsal” is angled inward, or in varus, you probably have “Hallux Valgus, Primus Varus and Bunion” and may or may not need surgery, depending on the degree of angulation, deformity, dysfunction and limitation of your “ADL’s” (Activities of Daily Living).

Bunion surgery is usually performed in an outpatient facility and is typically done with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. We also sometimes call this type of anesthesia “monitored anesthesia care”; blissful sleep, conscious sedation, or a light general, depending on how much medication is required to keep you comfortable during the procedure which typically takes less than an hour to complete. You will wake up feeling fresh, and of course, almost always completely pain free thanks to the modern combination of medications and techniques that we use in our practice.

Realignment of the angles of your bones is just as important as smoothing off your bump. Every operation is carefully planned and tailor made to match your truly unique situation and foot type. We use modern, ultra-light and low profile hardware that almost always stays in permanently and does not typically require removal.

Recovery is active and takes approximately 4-8 weeks, depending on the technique that you require. Almost all patients can walk immediately after the surgery in a special surgical boot or shoe, and can return to a modified exercise routine in just a few days.

The goal of surgery is elimination of pain, deformity and instability, and to allow you to wear normal shoes as well as function at a higher level.

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Visoth Chan DPM, Founder and Director, Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates, Inc.

The Art of Bunion Correction

A common foot problem facing the population is the bunion. This deformity serves as a good example of why comprehensive planning, execution and follow through by a trained and experienced specialist surgeon is important to a good outcome. We start with patient selection. Candidates must be healthy enough, motivated, and have appropriate expectations for their operation. In bunion surgery, bone angles, joint quality and arch stability are key variables in decision making for each individual patient.

The Aloha bunion doctors typically perform this procedure with a local anesthetic and intravenous sedation in the outpatient surgical center setting. They utilize small incisions on the side of the foot with plastic closure so that the scar doesn’t show. Pre-emptive nerve blocks allow patients to recover typically with minimal or no pain, and the combination of ice and intermittent compression reduces swelling and minimizes other risks. Dr. Chan states: ” Bunion surgery is truly a blend of art and science while cosmetic appearance is very important and attention to every detail is critical, foot function is equally important and attention to the mechanics and geometry of the final result is paramount to a successful outcome”.

The Aloha Team begins with a complete history and appropriate physical exam, diagnostic imaging and discussion of alternatives. Ultimately a plan is formulated, explained, and completed. Patients become partners in their recovery and ultimately their result, so every effort is made to encourage patient compliance through patient education.

The philosophy of patient care at Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates allows Dr. Visoth Chan to explore many different treatment alternatives for individual patients so that the most effect treatment can be administered while keeping risk at a minimum. Dr.’s Chan prefer to approach patient care from the patient’s perspective, as well as drawing from decades of combined education, training and experience. The doctors know that while some patients require surgery to treat their foot and ankle conditions, many problems can be solved quickly and effectively with conservative means. Non-surgical methods may include footwear modifications, bracing, orthoses, physical medicine, class IV laser therapy, radial shock wave, Proliferative,  and medication or immobilization. Other patients require and may benefit most from surgical correction.

Call (949) 541-5827 to find out if Bunion Treatment in Mission Viejo, CA is right for you!

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