Our Mission at Aloha Foot & Ankle Associates in Mission Viejo, CA

“Our Mission Is Simple…to Serve Our Community as a Center of Excellence for Patients with Disorders of the Foot and Ankle in a Caring Environment Where Every Aloha Patient Is Treated like Family.”

Our Mission in Mission Viejo, CA

Our Mission

When Doctor Victor Cachia completed residency training in 1987, he made it his goal to create a practice that embraced his own values in healthcare, including compassion, continuity, excellence and individualized care. This of course requires a strong foundation in education, surgical training and experience, and he was trained by some of the best surgeons in the world. Doctor Cachia never stopped learning, and expanded his skills through continuing education, and by volunteering in Baja California, Mainland Mexico, Guatemala and Texas as well as in his own community, by managing many complicated limb salvages, trauma and reconstruction of congenital deformities and adult and pediatric surgical failures. Doctor Cachia states “many individuals with the greatest need have the least access to quality care”. By accepting the challenge, responsibility and risk of helping these individuals, we all benefit.

In 2004, Doctor Cachia felt it was important to name the group, so as to be able to recruit additional physicians and surgeons to care for our community.

He sought to find a name that exemplified and embraced his philosophies, and as a surfer, was profoundly influenced by the Aloha Spirit.

Our History

“Having cared for so many physicians & their families for many years, the Aloha Group has become “THE DOCTOR’S CHOICE” for podiatric medicine.”

Possibly it is because fellow doctors trust the skill of the Aloha Group, or because they are aware of of their commitment to making the right diagnosis and providing the best treatment. Perhaps it is we always takes the time to get to know our patients and listen to their individual needs. Or maybe, it’s simply that fellow doctors know the Aloha Group gets consistently good results, even for challenging cases. Whatever their reasons, doctors know that their friends, family and patients will be well cared for at Aloha Foot and Ankle.

Some Have Asked, Why the Name Aloha?

Our Mission in Mission Viejo, CA

Aloha… the embodiment of the essence of Hawaii! No matter where we live, we are all part of a global community, and our connection to one another is based on mutual respect for our differences and our appreciation for what we have in common. Community is the sum of the individuals – individuals who have concern for one another, who care, share and take responsibility.

Aloha is a gift to be shared, and it is up to each of us to be stewards of this gift. To share Aloha, we must each make a commitment to live in a manner that expresses Aloha to all we come in contact with each day, and to undertake a set of actions that demonstrate the Spirit of Aloha.

These actions are the every day acts of courtesy at work, at home, or on the road as well as the larger acts of making the lives of others better. Aloha involves our relationships, with each other and with the world that surrounds us, and the specific actions we take every day to improve those relationships. As was written and taught by Pilahi Paki;

The sharing of Aloha comes from the heart… shared from person to person. Dr. Cachia and each staff member of the Aloha Group shares in the philosophy of Aloha.

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