About Aloha Foot & Ankle Associates in Mission Viejo, CA

Delivering State of the Art Care for Foot & Ankle Conditions for Over Three Decades.

About Aloha Foot & Ankle Associates in Mission Viejo, CA
About Aloha Foot & Ankle Associates in Mission Viejo, CA

Since beginning practice in 1987 it has been our goal to provide exceptional and advanced foot and ankle care to the Southern California Community. In so doing, we have been privileged and honored with the responsibility of helping to restore function and improve the quality of life for many patients. In the practice of podiatric surgery, there is abounding opportunity to combine the art and science of medicine while designing and implementing a personalized, care plan for each and every patient. This is especially true today, because modern technology, including advanced imaging techniques such as high resolution ultrasound, MRI, CT and nuclear medicine:, as well as laboratory analysis, neurological and vascular analysis tools assist the podiatric surgeon in bridging the gap between patient complaint, physical exam and accurate diagnosis. We live in an era where advanced surgical techniques are blended with futuristic implants, joint replacements and fixation devices. Proliferative Therapy, and advanced wound healing biologics, bone stimulators, growth factors and dietary supplements provide a nearly endless number of opportunities to our patients for numerous viable treatment alternatives.

As podiatric foot and ankle surgeons, we are pleased to report that we have never felt more capable in helping our patients to find alternatives to surgery than in this modem era of modalities, technology and braces.

We first do our best to listen to our patients and understand their real concerns. This sometimes requires patience and diligent history taking, especially when patients with complex problems present and prior treatment failures exist. Providing good care requires a partnership between doctor and patient, and mutual trust. It is important that a doctor is sincere, thorough, accurate and skilled, and equally integral that a patient is honest, sincere, willing and able to follow instructions. Both doctor and patient should maintain an open and non¬confrontational relationship. If a practitioner is first willing to listen to a patient’s concerns and limitations related to their ailment, he is more likely to follow the most appropriate path to accurate diagnosis and establishment of an appropriate treatment plan that is above the standard-¬of-care.

We are proud to have one of the first offices in California to be able to provide as well as Proliferative-Therapy for in office treatment of Ankle Strain and Ankle Sprain, Ankle Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur Pain, Fracture Repair, Tendonitis & Ligament Injuries, Osteoarthritis of the foot and ankle and tendon injuries and ruptures including the Achilles tendon. We pioneered a percutaneous, in office procedure for the correction of hammertoe, mallet toe and claw toe deformities utilizing a no-incision approach. We are one of the first practices to employ the MLS Class 4 Laser for management of pain syndromes, chronic pain, and to reduce inflammation and speed healing after injuries and surgery. We effectively manage painful symptomatic and activity-limiting flat feet in adults and children using both minimally invasive subtalar joint implants such as the Maxwell-Brancheau (MBA) device, and medial displacement calcaneal osteotomy, tendon repair, and flexor tendon transfer procedures. We utilize many different techniques for the correction of hallux valgus and bunion deformity and employ the use of minimal and hidden scar techniques.

We utilize techniques for virtually pain free surgery. Many patients are not candidates for surgery, and we are prepared to utilize bracing, physical medicine, laser therapy, orthoses, prosthetics and medication, including compounds to treat many serious pain syndromes without surgery.

Each and every employee at Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates has been carefully screened and selected to augment our team in a special way. It is our goal that every patient receives the best care possible for their ailment, in an environment that fosters communication and confidence.

We offer services that range from care for toenail disorders, including fungus, onychomycosis, saprophyte infection, onychodystrophy and onychocryptosis, ingrown toenails and toenail deformity and nail bed deformity. We utilize modern technologies and medications including 1064 and 532 wavelength Nd-YAG; Q-Clear Q-Switch laser technology, and itraconazole, terbinifine, and topical medications including Formula 3, Kera nail 47% Urea Nail gel, Dr’s Remedy antifungal nail polish, tineacide and biotin to improve the probability of success in combination with advanced debridement techniques.

We perform hammertoe, mallet toe and claw toe treatment and surgery, including minimally invasive no-incision techniques, and the use of many modern implants including Smart Toe, hammer-Lok and the more traditional approaches including temporary Kirschner wire fixation. Treatment for Hallux Valgus, Hallux Limitus, Bunion and Tailor’s bunion is accomplished with the latest medial incision and headless screw technique with immediate weight-bearing and virtually pain free recovery. The more complex problems such as painful cavus foot, painful and unstable flat foot and flat feet are treated with advanced non-surgical and surgical treatments using minimal incisions when possible and advanced internal fixation.

We have been honored to provide restorative Foot and Ankle Surgery and Sports Related Medicine to local Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Professional and World Class athletes and we are grateful and indebted for our relationship with the wonderful staff of Mission Hospital, Children’s Hospital at Mission, Saddleback Hospital, Hoag Hospital Newport Beach and Irvine, Hoag Orthopedic Institute, Aestheticare Surgery Center, The Surgery Center at Saddleback, Laguna Hills Surgery Center, Mission Ambulatory Surgery Center, Crown Valley Surgery Center, and Foothill Surgery Center, and for the excellent care provided by the physical therapists and their staff in our community for their part in the re-habilitation of our patients.

Most of all, we are rewarded in being asked to care for the foot and ankle injuries and ailments of families friends, neighbors, medical colleagues and their families, many of whom are now asking us to see “third generation” patients. We thank you for the reward of your referrals, as there is no greater joy in medicine than to see our patients do well and refer their loved ones.

We have built a reputation over the past thirty years as compassionate, innovative and skilled providers in the fields of Podiatric Medicine and Foot & Ankle Surgery. Dr. Chan is an inventor of many devices for the treatment of foot, ankle, hip, and spine conditions, and has received many awards for medical research, contributions to the medical literature, and volunteer medicine and surgery in the third world and humanitarian service. We readily apply our life and career experiences to help patients recover as quickly and safely as possible and we have created a practice environment that facilitates rapid recovery in a caring and catering environment, even in this day of health care reform.


Visoth Chan D.P.M., David Hellewell, DPM and Sam Myers DPM and Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates Inc. offers a full complement of podiatric medical, surgical and pain management services to help you maintain healthy feet, ankles and a functional lifestyle.

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